Comité international d'histoire de l'art - Italia
Titulaires / Titulars: 


Nom/Name: Dr. Matteo Lafranconi

Poste/Position: Director

Institution: Scuderie del Quirinale

Adresse postale/Postal address: Salita di Montecavallo 12 – 00187 Rome Italy

Téléphone/Phone number: 0039 366 9098505

E-mail address:

Spécialité scientifique/Field of research: Painting, drawing, collecting and academy practices in Rome XVI-XVII century. The Italian art system towards the international context in the XIX century

Recherches en cours/Current research: Late Raphael’s drawings; Giovanni Baglione’s “Le Vite”; the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna of Rome in its early decades.





Nom/Name: Prof.  Dr. Tommaso CASINI

Poste/Position: Associate Professor of Museology, History of Art Criticism

Institution: Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM, Dipartimento di Arti e Media, Facoltà di Arti, turismo e mercati

Adresse postale/Postal Address: Via Carlo Bo, 1 – 20143 Milano (MI) – Italy

Téléphone/Phone number: 0039 02891412255

E-mail address:

Spécialité scientifique/Field of research: Iconography, physiognomy, and portrait theories in the 16th-20th centuries; history of collecting; relationships between texts and images

Recherches en cours/Current research: Remediation of the work of art: printed, photographic, cinematographic and multimedia in the XVI-XXI centuries; the critical and artistic reception of prehistoric images in the XX and XXI centuries.




Nom/Name:  Dr. Andrea DI LORENZO



Adresse postale/Postal Address: Via Masaccio 200 – 50132 Florence (Italy)

Téléphone/Phone number: 0039 328 2194640

E-mail address:

Spécialité scientifique/Field of research: Italian painting and sculpture from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century; history of collecting.

Recherches en cours/Current research: 





Nom/Name:  Dr. Giuliana ERICANI

Poste/Position: Director (resigned)

Institution: Civic Museums, Bassano del Grappa (Vi- Italy)

Adresse postale/Postal Address: Via G. Murat 16, Trieste - Italy

Téléphone/Phone number: 0039 346 1203820

E-mail address:

Spécialité scientifique/Field of research: XV - XIX century sculpture; Antonio Canova; Jacopo Bassano and workshop; museum studies

Recherches en cours/Current research: Jacopo Bassano's patrons; Antonio Canova correspondence; Angelo Querini’s garden of Alticchiero and collection





Nom/Name: Prof.  Dr. M. Giulia AURIGEMMA

Poste/Position: Full Professor and Chair in the History of Modern Art (Renaissance and Baroque, Italian and European Art)

Institution: University of Chieti

Adresse postale/Postal Address: 

Téléphone/Phone number: 

E-mail address:

Spécialité scientifique/Field of research: Middle Ages: Palatine Chapel in Palermo, painted wooden ceilings. Renaissance in Rome (architecture, mainly palaces, painting, sculpture, collections, Italian and foreign art. Painting in Rome at the beginning of XVII century, Roman Palaces and some collections. Art criticism: V. Giustiniani; Adolfo and Lionello Venturi, G.C. Argan, international artistic congresses, Schlosser.

Recherches en cours/Current research: Zuccari, Vasari, V. Giustiniani, G. Mancini