CIHA World Congress: “Migrations”
09/13/2020 to 09/18/2020
35 th CIHA International Congress: Motion
09/01/2019 to 09/06/2019
Beijing 2016 "Terms"
34th World Congress of Art History Beijing
08/15/2016 to 08/22/2016


CIHA India International , November - December 2018
11/28/2018 to 12/01/2018
CIHA Colloquium in Tokyo, Japan Sunday and Monday, March 10 and 11, 2019 At the Auditorium, Tokyo National Museum
03/10/2019 to 03/11/2019
XXII Congreso Nacional de Historia del Arte “Vestir la Arquitectura" que se celebrará en la Universidad de Burgos del 19 al 22 de junio de 2018
06/19/2018 to 06/22/2018



The community of historians and art history professors represented by the members of the Brazilian Committee of Art History (CBHA), express their profound sadness, consternation and indignation regarding the fire that destroyed the National Museum at the Quinta da Boa Vista in Rio de Janeiro.
Design Society in Shenzhen, steered by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, unveils four galleries this month, with two to follow in 2018
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Against the odds, Spain's US-branded museum has drawn more than 20 million visitors since it opened in 1997