Konsthistoriska sällskapet / The Society of Art Historians
Titulaires / Titulars: 

Name: Professor Jessica SJÖHOLM SKRUBBE

Institution: Stockholm University

Postal address: Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm

Phone number: +46 70 449 65 36

E-mail address: jessica.skrubbe@arthistory.su.se

Field of research: modern art; public art; sculpture; feminist historiography; art and feminism

Current research: Mobility, transnationalism, and artistic practices in the early 20th century; collaborative work, art collecting, and the canonisation of modern art


Suppléants / Supplementaries: 

Name: Associate Professor Martin OLIN

Institution: Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Postal Address: PO box 16176, 103 24 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone number: +46 8 51954310

E-mail address: martin.olin@nationalmuseum.se

Field of research: Early modern art and architecture 1500-1750, French and Italian drawings and prints, 19th century Scandinavian painting, iconography

Current research: Italian paintings in the Nationalmuseum, art, architecture and collecting ca 1700, the iconography of Romanticism




Name: Dr. Alexandra HERLITZ

Institution: University of Gothenburg, Dept. of Cultural Sciences

Postal Address: Box 200, 405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Phone number: 0046-733-675516, 0046-31-3531073

E-mail address: alexandra.herlitz@gu.se

Field of research: Scandinavian art from the 19th century, Rural artists' colonies, Critical Historiography, National identity

Current research: 19th century patronage in Gothenburg/Sweden