Beijing 2016 "Terms"



CIHA 2016 in Beijing

34th World Congress of Art History, organised by the Comité International d'Histoire de l'Art (CIHA)

September 15 - 20, 2016




The Chinese CIHA Committee hosted the 34th CIHA World Congress of Art History in Beijing under the theme: "Terms".


Art and cultural historians from all over the world, from a vast cross-section of disciplines and fields of professional interest were called upon to discuss together ways of seeing, describing, analyzing and classifying art works. The topics  were divided into 21 sections. The sections enabled comparisons between different viewpoints and methods. Each panel held a program reflecting the CIHA's commitment to the idea of diversity, which allowed talks on different genres,  epochs and countries to be brought together.


The chosen theme for the Beijing 2016 CIHA Congress was the logical counterpart of that of the Nuremberg 2012 CIHA Congress (The Challenge of the Object). In Beijing 2016, the matter was questioning the words, the definitions, the very  concepts used to study art by different scientific traditions with one essential question: how can the methodology of our discipline be enriched by being conscious of the diversity of terms and approaches to art? The Congress sed the word “Terms” to draw a wide range of case studies.


Different concepts of art in diverse cultures have been analyzed at The 2016 CIHA Congress. Three goals have been achieved. The first one was to respond to the latest development of art history as a global discipline. The second, to explore art through different definitions that underline its relationship to respective cultural frameworks, and the disparities between different cultures in various periods throughout history. The third one was to gain a more comprehensive understanding of art as an essential part of human culture.


Report on the Board Meeting      Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting

09/15/2016 to 09/20/2016