Lyon 2024 "Matter Materiality"


36th CIHA World Congress

Matter Materiality

Sunday 23 June – Friday 28 June 2024
Centre de Congrès de Lyon (France)

The 36th Congress of the Comité International d’Histoire de l’Art is organized by the Comité français d’histoire de l’art (CFHA), in partnership with the Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA) and the Laboratoire de recherche historique Rhône-Alpes (LARHRA).



The 36th CIHA Congress aims to build a bridge between the humanities and experimental sciences on current issues, share approaches from different fields, promote encounters between researchers and professionals from all over the world and encourage those who will create the Art History and Heritage of tomorrow.


The theme Matter Materiality

Matter and materiality are inherent to the conception, production, interpretation and conservation of artifacts in all cultures across all period. It focuses on issues relating to the world's cultural heritage in the diversity of its creation, study, conservation and promotion.

The theme Matter Materiality focuses on the object and its uses over the centuries and across cultural areas.

This theme taps into the fundamental origins of art while inviting reflection on the major issues of our time: management of resources, sustainability, the environment, new technologies, digital dematerialisation, and more.

Matter and materiality are inherent to the conception, production, interpretation and conservation of artifacts in all cultures across all period. It focuses on issues relating to the world's cultural heritage in the diversity of its creation, study, conservation and promotion.


Who will be the audience?

With its openness to all continents, generations and professions, the 36th CIHA Congress is a unique opportunity to forge links and welcome researchers and professionals from all horizons, in Lyon, a city rich in heritage and scientific institutions.

The industrial, artisanal, and artistic heritage of Lyon, an international crossroads since antiquity, offers a depth of field invaluable to discourse. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city has cultivated a long, layered history and connections linking it with the entire world.

The public will be made up of professionals from all backgrounds: academics, researchers, doctoral students, curators (French museums, historic monuments, archaeologists, etc.), restorers, heritage scientists, architects, artists and designers from all over the world. Particular attention is paid to encouraging the mobility of young researchers and professionals, in particular with the publication of Call for grants on the website of the 36th CIHA Congress.

A number of research organisations (INHA, CNRS, Fondation des Sciences du Patrimoine) and their counterparts in other countries, as well as academic institutions (Ecole du Louvre, Institut National du Patrimoine, etc.) are taking part in the Congress, and a number of Foundations will be present (The Getty Foundation, la Fondation Bullukian, la Fondation TIQITAQ, The Kress Foundation, The Terra Foundation, etc.).

The last Congress was held by videoconference because of the pandemic. As the aim of the 36th CIHA Congress is to encourage people to meet on site, to stimulate exchanges and the foundation of an international network for reflection and work, it is essential to hold this event in person in order to encourage opportunities for sharing and dialogue.

Since 2020, it will be the first in-person meeting for professionals in the world of art history and heritage, and an opportunity for young researchers, restorers and curators to create a national and international network.


What is the programme?

The congress will provide five intense days of scientific exchanges, with several programmes of conferences, round tables, debates and visits to cultural institutions and historic sites in and around Lyon.

Sunday 23 June 2024:

Opening ceremony attended by national and regional authorities, partners and sponsors. Inaugural lecture by Ohran Pamuk, Nobel Prize for Literature, Chairman of the Honorary Committee. Opening of the Book Fair.

From Monday 24 to Thursday 27 June, 2024:

  • 93 sessions led by researchers from 50 different countries and every continent.
    You can attend these sessions from 9am to 5.30pm each day. More than 750 papers have been remarkably selected by the session chairs with the help of the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee from the nearly 1,800 proposals received in response to the Call for papers, which opened in June 2023 and closed on October 1, 2023.
  • A program of round tables, presentations and workshops at lunch time and during the days.
  • A Book Fair, bringing together publishers from all over the world, will be held throughout the congress and will be open to the general public. Each day will feature presentations of works by their authors, meetings with publishers and round-table discussions on topical issues.
  • Conferences ("keynotes", dialogues…) and performances will be offered early evening each day in different places: auditoriums in the Convention centre or museums.
  • Throughout the week, participants will have the opportunity to discover the rich heritage of the city of Lyon or the studios of artists and restorers in the metropolitan area, art centres and galleries.
  • On certain evenings, events will be offered to participants in museums (registration required).
  • At the end of the day on Friday 28 June 2024, the closing ceremony will take place and the CIHA flag will be handed over to the next organising committee of the CIHA Congress in 2028.

Friday 28 June 2024:

Thanks to the partnerships established with the region's museums and heritage organisations, discovery tours and presentations of the issues surrounding the conservation and enhancement of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region's heritage by leading specialists will be offered with the help of a local Organising committee made up of academics and representatives of the DRAC, the Metropolitan Council's archives and museums, and the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage.

These tours will be available on prior registration.


Where can I find the programme?

The 93 sessions of the programme are presented by theme on the following page:

The full list of speakers for each session will be published in December 2023, on the same page.

The detailed programme of events will be drawn up before the end of 2023.


Where can I register?

Registration is now open. Visit the Registration page.

Registration fees are detailed according to the statutes, as well as the periods for preferential rates.


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Contribute to the promotion of art history by helping to ensure the success of this event, which is exceptional in its global scope and unique in France, particularly in Lyon, a city rich in heritage and art.

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June 12, 2023 : Opening of the Call for papers

September 15, 2023 : Closing of the Call for papers

September-October 2023 : Selection of the proposals by the chairs of the panels

October 27, 2023 : Publication of the provisional program

December 15, 2023 : Publication of the final program

23-28 June 2024 : Congress


Discover the website: 36th CIHA World Congress Lyon 2024

06/23/2024 to 06/28/2024