Terms: CIHA Journal of Art History, Volume 1 -- Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement

TERMS. CIHA Journal of Art History Vol. 1


TERMS. CIHA Journal of Art History publishes research that explores the art-historical terminology used by experts with different languages, cultures, and nationalities across the globe. One aim is to compare diverse uses of the terms reflected in different concepts and phenomena in art history as a whole. The other is to critically reinvestigate and reexamine these within the framework of globalization, highlighting the varying interpretations and ongoing debates among art historians who do not share a single politics, religion, culture, or language. With these two aims, TERMS seeks to explore the discrepancies, distortions, and programmatic potentials of various perspectives in art history, especially of marginal and dissident views.

Each issue explores a single term. Experts from over 40 member committees of CIHA are invited by the editorial board, which is also the CIHA Board, to contribute. Submissions are not limited within CIHA member countries, rather meant to expand the vision towards more different countries and cultures, in accordance with CIHA’s mission “from international to global”. Scholars from non-member countries are also welcome to contribute. All submissions are double-blind peer reviewed. In parallel with the openness towards the academia, TERMS is published online as an Open-Access-eJournal, making it freely accessible to the widest audience.

TERMS. CIHA Journal of Art History opens a space for the active investigation and analysis of cultural conflicts, ideological distinctions, and heterogeneous understandings within art history to enhance the enrichment and development of the discipline of “art history” and to amplify the role of scholarship and art in promoting civilization in globalization.


Online Access: https://doi.org/10.57936/terms.2022.1

ISBN:  978-7-100-21506-0 (Soft Cover)

eISBN: 978-3-98501-173-5 (PDF)