2018 Season's Greeting By LaoZhu, President of CIHA

2018 Season's Greeting by President


Dear colleagues,

2017 is coming to its end. Happy New Year!

We had a CIHA Board meeting in Rome on December 11, and a variety of issues had been discussed at the meeting. In the coming year, CIHA will continue carrying out its effort to play an important part in the context of globalization, and to contribute to world peace. The field of art history will encounter many problems, and to deal with these difficulties, CIHA will implement new measures that incorporate four aspects of work:

  1. Resuming the CIHA Journal, and deciding on editorial procedures;
  2. Upgrading the CIHA website;
  3. A shared database. Based upon a CIHA’s new agreement, we will set up important data and materials storage distributed all over the world (including not only communication, but also downloading and off-side storage). It will be implemented by employing interconnected systems, and communication and storage technologies of our members.
  4. World Art History Online Courses. According to our Treasury Tristan Weddigen, it could be entitled as “Best for Everyone”. With the help of internet, specialists of different countries can make videos of their own lectures, and upload them online so that people around the world could have access to them. Through online courses, scholars from various countries will be able to transmit their knowledge all over the world. At very lost cost, people from different regions will be able to conveniently obtain the most valuable educational resources on art history. Even children education in remote regions could make use of it.

In the past year, we have constantly updated and arranged the membership of CIHA. On the one hand, we continued our close contact with our current members - their number is up to 40 in total; on the other hand, we started making contact with our new members, especially those in regions that have rich cultures and art historical resources but are in need of international communications and connections, such as north Africa, Middle East, South Asia, East Europe, and especially former Soviet Union regions.

Our Brazilian and Italian colleagues have decided on the themes of the 35th CIHA Congress, and this was one of the most significant issues discussed on the Board meeting at Rome. They will announce the themes in the spring of 2018, and are currently in the process of selecting the panel chairs for collaboration. This Congress will be an unprecedented event as it is for the first time that two countries host a congress at the same time. This is a meaningful experiment. Far away from each other, Brazil and Italy have their own unique cultural features, and people’s understandings of art differ in the two countries. Yet, at the same time, they are situated in the same contemporary era, and both are making their own unique contributions to the development of art history. Therefore, the Congress will serve to promote the harmony between the two countries, as well as among all the members of CIHA.

Many of our work are currently in progress. You will received our updated news in a timely manner after the new CIHA official website is being upgraded. The upgrading and editing work on the website will be undertaken by four groups: the President’s group in Beijing, the Academic-Secretary’s group in Paris, the Administration-Secretary’s group in Rome, and the original website management group in Mexico.

Best wishes for you in the new year!

LaoZhu (Prof. Dr. ZHU Qingsheng)
President of CIHA